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A haunting 6-minute prologue short film that explains the evolution of replicant technology and establishes the ruthless antagonist of Blade Runner 2049.


Blade Runner 2049 is set thirty years after the original film, leaving a sizable distance in story that needed to be addressed. Our challenge was to bridge this gap and introduce central characters and events to filmgoers in advance of the new film’s theatrical release.


An anthology of digital shorts set in between the two films. In “Nexus Dawn,” we introduced the world to the ruthless Niander Wallace (Jared Leto), CEO of Wallace Corporation, as he lobbies against the prohibition of replicant technology and introduces his vision for a completely obedient and controllable Nexus model.

“Nexus Dawn” sets up a pivotal evolution of events following the first film as it establishes the future of replicant technology. Born from a series of failed attempts to perfect the technology, the Tyrell Corporation was driven into bankruptcy and governing authorities passed a law that prohibited the production and existence of all Replicants.

Years later, Niander Wallace attempted to relaunch the outlawed technology with the Nexus 9, a docile Replicant model incapable of malfunction or violence against humans. Much like Eldon Tyrell, Wallace views the Replicants as his children, his Angels, primed to help humanity fulfill its destiny and expand its presence throughout the galaxy.


Press reactions were overwhelmingly positive with critics taking note of Jared Leto’s riveting performance and applauding the short film’s ability to inform viewers in an emotionally-impactful manner that evolves film marketing beyond the trailer.


“A tense and unnerving five-minute short that feels right at home within the universe.”

— Vice


“An unsettling but masterful performance from Leto.”

— Polygon


“[They] have figured out how to make marketing interesting again — and it comes down to giving viewers something that’s both entertaining and informative.”

— Cinema Blend


“Gorgeous, atmospheric work…much better than just another trailer.”

— Adweek


“A Gripping Prologue”

— Creativity

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