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A partnership between Morgan and IBM Research to develop the world’s first A.I.-created movie trailer.


Morgan is a small-budget science-fiction thriller about a corporate risk-management consultant that faces off against a terrifying artificially-created human in a remote, top-secret location. We needed a creative way drive awareness around the film.


We aimed to capitalize on the public’s long-standing fixation with artificial intelligence by asking a simple question: “How would a machine create a movie trailer?” We partnered with 20th Century Fox and IBM Research to use Watson — IBM’s flagship artificial intelligence platform — to create a trailer that would be as frightening and suspenseful as the movie it was advertising.


Watson was fed a collection of data including around 100 horror films from different eras and the entire Morgan feature film. After it learned a basic understanding of film and trailer conventions, it sorted through the Morgan movie and identified the most emotionally impactful scenes for the trailer. Read more about IBM Research’s process in creating the trailer here.


Audiences and press lauded the trailer as wildly inventive and incredibly haunting.


“Creepier than the official trailer.”

— Motherboard


“IBM Watson creates the first AI-made film trailer – and it’s incredibly creepy.”

— Wired


“The supercomputer learned how to make a really meta and eerie teaser.”

— Engadget

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