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A 3-minute prologue short film that introduced audiences to the crew of The Martian, in anticipation of the film’s first trailer.


Ridley Scott’s The Martian needed an emotional backstory for its main characters and a creative way to launch the first trailer.


We created Ares 3 Farewell, a prologue short film depicting the crew’s final moments before beginning the journey to Mars. Guided by crew member Mark Watney (Matt Damon), this spot introduced viewers to the full team, provided an intimate tour of the spaceship, and helped launch the first trailer for the film.


From the outset, we were inspired by a simple idea: depict the Ares III astronauts as celebrities and follow the events of the mission in a manner that blurred fiction and reality. The result was this film, which was inspired by the playfulness of early Apollo-era documentary videos and Chris Hadfield’s recordings from I.S.S. To add an extra layer of reality, we designed and animated a Facebook Live-like social media feed, complete with messages for the crew, trending topics, and individual crew facts.


The video was released on social with support from official NASA accounts and NASA astronauts. Everything drove to the launch of the movie’s first trailer the next day—helping to make that a stunning success.


Audiences and press lauded the prologue as a perfect introduction to the characters, world, and central concepts at play in The Martian.


“The best teaser you’ll see all year.”

— WhatCulture


•    4m+ views
•    Winner, 2016 Webby Award – Drama: Individual Short or Episode
•    Winner, 2016 Webby People’s Voice Award – Drama: Individual Short or Episode
•    Winner, 2016 Clio Entertainment Gold – Theatrical: Creative Content
•    Winner, 2016 Clio Entertainment Silver – Theatrical: Social Media

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