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An action-packed prologue short film that introduces Dave Bautista as an outlaw Nexus replicant and kickstarts the events of Blade Runner 2049.


Blade Runner 2049 is set thirty years after the original film, leaving a sizable distance in story that needed to be addressed. Our challenge was to bridge this gap and introduce central characters and events to filmgoers in advance of the new film’s theatrical release.


An anthology of digital shorts set in between the two films. In “Nowhere to Run,” we introduce Sapper Morton (Dave Bautista), an outlaw Nexus 8 that visits a crime-infested LA market to sell his nematodal protein when a heroic decision forces him to compromise his anonymity, leaving him exposed to identification and capture.

“Nowhere to Run” sets up a pivotal turn of events that sets things in motion for Blade Runner 2049. Sapper Morton is a Nexus 8 model living in exile after going AWOL just before the replicant prohibition. Ever since, he’s been forced to hide his true identity to avoid retirement.

In 2048, Sapper makes the long trek to Los Angeles to sell nematodes from his protein farm at the city’s largest underground market—a hub of illicit pleasure and criminal activity. During his visit, Sapper finds himself having to choose between protecting a defenseless family and protecting his true identity. His decision will have consequences no one could have envisioned.


3AM produced “Nowhere to Run” with RSA Films during Blade Runner 2049‘s production, working alongside the filmmakers and crew. The prologue short was directed by Luke Scott, written by 3AM, and starred Dave Bautista as Sapper.


Press reactions were overwhelmingly positive with critics taking note of Dave Bautista’s riveting performance and applauding the short film’s ability to inform viewers in an emotionally-impactful manner that evolves film marketing beyond the trailer.


“If Marvel Entertainment has taught what a well-timed teaser and an expertly soundtracked trailer can do for movie marketing, then 3AM and Ridley Scott have done just as much with thoughtful, complementary creative content.”

— Fast Company


“This will get you stoked for the film.”

— Esquire


“Dave Bautista is stunningly powerful in his vulnerability in a phenomenal new short film prequel to Blade Runner 2049.”

— Express UK


“I much prefer this sort of original and progressive storytelling as movie marketing, as opposed to the tired trend of spoiling much of a movie in endless clips and trailers released ahead of time. More of this, please!”

— Collider


“Bautista is just great in this. So timid and kind, but with that brutal core just waiting to burst open.”

— io9


“Dave Bautista gives one of his best performances in this new Blade Runner 2049 short film.”

— Polygon


“Awesome, right? I personally love these prequel shorts. You get more insight into the characters, but not at the expense of spoiling plot. But you are given a few clues as to what action may yet unfold, which just get you all the more excited for the film to come.”

— SyFy

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