In Utero VR Alien: Covenant + AMD

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An immersive VR experience that let viewers witness firsthand the horror of an Alien’s birth.


The chestburster was one of the greatest shocks in movie history. For Alien: Covenant, we were challenged with using the medium of virtual reality to carry this legacy forward and create a gag-inducing level of intimacy that couldn’t be experienced in a traditional cinema setting.


Our idea was simple: For the first time we would let audiences experience the world from the POV of an Alien, right as it’s birthed from a human spinal canal. AMD and Alienware amplified the effort and “In Utero” was featured at select Regal Cinemas in 15 different cities. It was also released on social platforms as a 360° video experience and promoted across social channels.


The first-person experience begins with the Neomorph slowly becoming sentient inside its doomed human host, while outside a crew member screams in terror at the initial signs of the creature’s impending birth. Viewers are able to navigate the scene with a 360-degree view of the womb itself and the creature’s hands, claws, and umbilical cord. Then, flesh tears, blood splatters, and our Neomorph is born into the world, where it immediately takes the life of a terrified Covenant crew member. “In Utero” is a terrifying and modern take on one of popular culture’s most iconic moments.


“In Utero” terrorized and disgusted audiences and press — building excitement for Alien: Covenant and eliciting exactly the type of reactions we were looking for.


“A disgusting and terrifying pleasure…it’s horrible. It’s gross. It’s very wrong. And it’s everything an Alien fan could ask for.”

— Mashable


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