Exploring the Unknown Alien: Covenant + Audi

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A global marketing partnership for Alien: Covenant that cast Audi’s lunar rover as a character in the film.


Alien: Covenant needed a global partner that could help elevate the film to event status. Audi needed a clever way to show its endeavors in space engineering.


We made the Audi lunar quattro an integral part of the film by casting it as a member of the Covenant crew. We then built a campaign around the rover that included a co-branded spot, social media content, talent participation, and an appearance at the Alien: Covenant premiere in London.


With Alien: Covenant, we challenged ourselves to find unexpected brand partners. Early conversations with Audi identified their lunar quattro—an actual functioning rover that will be sent to the moon—as an interesting starting point for a partnership. We worked together with Audi, Fox, and the filmmakers to include the Rover in the feature film, and build a campaign surrounding its integration.


The spot grabbed headlines around the globe, celebrating the partnership as a clever way to spotlight Audi’s technology while paying homage to the franchise.


“A clever integration of the brand and smart way to promote Audi’s own initiatives in space engineering.”

— Creativity


“Audi lunar quattro…is expected to embark on a future mission to space — possibly making it one of the coolest movie props ever.”

— Comic Book


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